Breaking the cycle of child abuse.

~~The home mom picked out for us all to live in was immediately next door to the elementary school we attended. It wasn’t long before my father began working there as a janitor. Several years later, after being evicted from that home presumably because my father’s past was discovered, my mother and father found a new home for our family next door to another elementary school where they still live today. Most days you can find my father sitting on the front porch smoking a cigarette watching the school children get on and off the bus.

How to start a business, starting a business, security guard training, legislative term limits, and breaking the cycle of child abuse.

-Excerpt from the book Pot Pie Ashtrays

Pot Pie Ashtrays ~~Having grown up in an abusive family with a father who briefly went to prison for sexually assaulting one of his sisters, Edward Sternisha writes about the struggle to be a parent to his own child from a pre-marital relationship gone bad. Edward takes you through a spiraling set of two stories that eventually become one in his life-long journey to break the cycle of child abuse. This hard-to-believe True Story even includes a daring car chase involving a dangerous rapist while also telling the stories of an exhaustive cover-up of years of sexual and physical abuse. This winding story is told to bring a voice to the many victims, who even as adults, still bear many scars from childhood. This author will not take one penny from the sales of any of his books. All author profits will be donated to programs working to end child abuse. Please encourage others to support this cause by buying a book.

Pot Pie Ashtrays

Breaking The Cycle Of Child Abuse